• Data Acquisition

    Custom mobile, web and process support for accurate data
  • Repository

    Storage, access and utility of GIS data for land management needs
  • Analysis

    GIS analysis development and support


Land management support through technological solutions

The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program (MDEP) provides key partners the ability to solve land management challenges through technological solutions. MDEP focuses on Geographic Information Systems for a majority of it efforts but includes methods for both data capture and management that complement existing systems for the shared goal of results on the ground.


MDEP leverages commercial and open source solutions to provide users the ability to access, work with and store any and all types of data for various needs.


Through onsite managed hosting and cloud solutions MDEP can provide a complete experience separate of organization systems for wider utility and protection of systems


MDEP provides various data acquisition models that allow key partners to benefit from flexible platform deployment, crowd sourcing or even gamification to obtain needed data.

What we do

MDEP works in concert with agencies and their partners on various land management tasks, providing data support services through organizations existing data platforms. We also provide project specific support in a variety of GIS, web and mobility solutions. Our core mission is to collect and host environmental data on the Mojave ecoregion. We do this through data acquisition from various partners at the federal, state and local levels. In addition data acquisition supports our core mission by giving our key partners the ability to collect data accurately and easily while gaining the benefits of sharing through a collaborative initiative. Due to the ever changing landscape of technology the ability to go from data to conclusion can be difficult and costly. Our team focuses on the effort and what resources can be provided to reach the goal of accurate data to support needed conclusions

Key areas of focus

The MDEP staff focuses on the following solution that supplies support to our key partners initiatives:

  • Mobile data collection and management
    Through COTS and custom mobile solutions our team works with key partners to develop processes that improve data collection methods by various users.

  • Open source development
    With the maturity of open source comes greater options and flexibility to provide rapid solutions without having to provide significant resources to meet shared goals.

  • Web hosting of data portals
    We maintain our own network and systems to allow for flexibility on our end to meet partner system’s needs. In addition hosting web portals allows for greater collaboration and utility with various data sets.

  • Virtual and Cloud computing
    We maintain onsite servers that provide both virtual optimization and cloud hosting options for key partners.


Topics Focused On Helping To Manage Our Shared Landscapes

Working with agencies and their partners to solve key issues is where technology that MDEP promotes not only helps to make accurate data it also can be cost effective as well. Websites, cloud computing, mobile data management and GIS are all tools we use to find the best answer so in the end we all get the data we need. Below are some examples of our projects but to see a full list with greater details we invite you to explore our projects page for more details.

About Us


The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program began as a significant effort to compile and integrate a very large body of spatial and temporal information covering approximately 80,000 square miles. It was the first of its kind to organize a detailed, environmentally oriented, digital geographic database set over an entire ecoregion. MDEP emerged as a multi-agency cooperative effort that transcended both administrative and geopolitical boundaries. MDEP was instrumental in providing dynamic, sustainable, land management decision-making at the ecosystem level. Its numerous geospatial databases and partnerships, developed throughout the implementation of the program, provided land managers in the region a platform from which to successfully sustain long-term mission accomplishment in the face of encroachment, funding uncertainties, and deteriorating natural resources.


The mission of the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program is to provide government agencies throughout the Mojave Desert with solutions and services to better accomplish their assigned tasks.


The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program has a long history of partners from federal, state, local and educational. Much of the success the program has achieved is through partnerships supporting various efforts. Below is an overview of current partners. See our past partners and acknowledgements.

** Denotes non-Federal Website

   Regional Partners:

Southern Nevada
Agency Partnership
Desert Managers Group
Coachella Valley
Association of Governments

   Department of Defense Affiliates:

U.S. Army
Fort Irwin
U.S. Marine Corps
MCLB Barstow
U.S. Air Force
Nellis AFB

   Department of Interior Affiliates:

National Park Service
U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service
U.S. Geological Survey

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